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Our History

Since its birth, ALPHA remains a towering participant in the local capital markets, a beacon of excellence and always leading the way in developing new products for our ever evolving markets. Some call it innovation but we call it championing the cause. In the many economic challenges of our time, we have always been privileged to find opportunities for our clients. Our changing appearances never shock our treasured values and principles.

The founding shareholders birthed ALPHA when the economy had started heating up, when planning was constrained by inflationary pressures and isolation from the international community was well underway. As the economic fundamentals increasingly became complex to dissect and the capacity to develop effective management solutions was severely challenged. ALPHA remained one of the few towering figures of the industry. The period 2005 -2008 was a storm only the elite of sea captains could survive. ALPHA survived.

In 2009, the dollarisation of the economy created a new operating environment that ushered a whole new experience. In 2010, the change of shareholder control and subsequently board composition retained the treasured values and principles that reinvigorated the passion for excellence. Although ALPHA is not a rated institution, it stands tall among its peers and competitors and is regarded highly by its growing community of clients.

Our Destiny

To spiral love in asset management.

Our Cause

To proffer lifelong learning as family.

Our Calling

To embody integrity in teamwork.