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Investment Process

Investment Philosophy

All assets are carefully selected based on merit by our investment and portfolio management experts using effective techniques and best practices in portfolio management and investments analysis to achieve positive risk adjusted returns. A top-down approach to asset allocation is followed. Clients have the option to place their funds with Alpha under either a discretionary or non-discretionary mandate.


Research Process

As part of client service and a means of the asset selection and portfolio management process, research notes that are company or sector focused are issued to internal and external clients from our research desk. Research notes are an important input variable in asset selection and portfolio construction and management. Our research process involves the following:

  • Fundamental Research
  • Technical analysis
  • Internally developed models
  • Macro economic research
  • Company visits
  • Broker reports
  • Annual reports, interim financials and analyst briefings

Investment Decision Making Process

The investment decision making process at Alpha Asset Management is a two tier process. This involves formulation of the strategy and having the strategy approved by the investment committee at board level, before fund managers and investment analysts implements the approved strategy taking into account client investments policy statement objectives, constraints, and other limits.

Customer Service Philosophy and Support Professionals

Risk Mitigation

Upon identification of various risks such as market, credit, operational and legal risks, we undertake the following process: •All research is conclusive, impartial and objective •Portfolio concentrations are managed with predefined limits •Asset allocations are managed with predefined limits and ranges •Counterparties are managed with predefined limits •Investment Instruments are managed within predefined limits •All placements on the money market are secured. •Internal Audit, compliance and back office functions work in accordance with best global professional practices.